Getting Rid Of Carpet Water Damage

Getting Rid of Carpet Water Damage

Getting Rid of Carpet Water Damage

Most homes are exposed to carpet water damage in one way or another. A broken water pipe, a broken or loose roofing tile or an overflowing toilet can all lead to your carpet being soaked or damaged in some way. When this happens there are several steps you can take and they all depend on the source of the water damage.

If the damage is caused by a broken water pipe you can repair the damage with a bit of work and the use of some standard home equipment. If the damage is caused by an overflowing toilet or a broken sewerage pipe then you are left with the option of throwing away the carpet or of calling in a professional carpet cleaner. Sewerage can contain harmful bacteria, fungi and E Coli that can pose a considerable health hazard if it the carpet and room are not cleaned and disinfected.

If your carpet has suffered damaged due to a broken water pipe you should first cut off the flow. Next, cut off all electricity since water can conduct electricity and convert your home into a danger zone. One these two safety precautions have been taken care of, you should put on rubber gloves and boots as well as a face mask.

Even though pipe water is quite safe, it can cause some problems when mixed with dust, paint, rust and any other contaminants present in the home. Once you are well protected you can proceed with the next step in the rescue and repair of your carpet.

If your carpet is a small one and could be removed easily and taken outdoors you should simply roll it up and take it outside where it can be cleaned and left to dry. Use a bucket of water with two tablespoons of bleach and clean the carpet on both sides.

Once it has been thoroughly cleaned you should leave it in the sun to dry, turning it over now and then so that both sides can be dried and no trace of moisture is left.

Once you are sure that your carpet is completely dry you can take it back to its usual place. You should first make sure that the floor is dry and that no trace of water or moisture is left. If necessary you should leave a fan on for a few hours so that all humidity has been removed from the area.


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